Our Story

Turning pieces of the past into carefully handcrafted keepsakes for life.

It began with the passing of a friend’s father and a special request. The father had a favorite shirt that he always wore, and rather than give away that special piece of clothing and all the memories with it, we were asked to capture them by making a “memory pillow” out of some of his clothes. It was a beginning with no end, as requests poured in for us to create more memory keepsakes out of the well-remembered fabrics of a loved one’s life.

These items brought such joy and comfort to those who received them, and it became our heartfelt mission to turn pieces of the past into carefully hand-crafted keepsakes for life—making sure that your memory can be seen and felt in every stitch.

We know it’s impossible to hold a memory in your hands,
so we make it possible to forever hold a cherished keepsake close to your heart.

Keepsakes created from the fabrics of your life

Choose from a variety of memory keepsakes:
Bears, Pillows, Quilts, Ornaments, Shawls, Golf Head Covers, & Custom Orders

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