The Fabrics of Life – T-Shirt Blanket

The Fabrics of Life T-Shirt Blankets are made from your or a loved one’s t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, or woven shirts. We cut large 15″ X 15″ squares from medium, large, x-large, and even larger shirts creating a blanket 25% larger than our competitors.

T-Shirt Blanket – Special Creations 

Life Memories 
Preserving the past can be an exciting walk down memory lane. Whether it is your childhood, high school years, or even your college days, T-Shirt Blankets are a great way to preserve the past. 

Our T-Shirt Blankets can take many of your old t-shirts, jerseys, or sweatshirts to create a sentimental reminder of days gone by. Relive the glory on the football field or take a walk down memory lane in high school by turning your clothing into beautiful creations. 

Memories of a Loved One
When we lose the ones we love, it is very difficult to let go of their belongings. Their clothes might be the most difficult of all. 

The Fabrics of Life T -Shirt Blankets allow you to keep the memory of our loved ones alive and well by using their clothing or other material to create an everlasting piece of them. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or getting a long night’s rest, our T-Shirt Blankets are a great way to wrap yourself in the memory of the ones you love.  

The Fabrics of Life – Shop our Products
The Fabrics of Life has a large selection of products for our customers. These items include:

  • Memory Bear
  • Memory Bunny
  • Memory Pillow
  • T-Shirt Blanket
  • Memory Shawl with Fleece Backing
  • DIY Bear Kit
  • Seasonal and Stock Pillow
  • Seasonal and Stock Reversible Shawl
  • Seasonal and Stock Ornament 


Ordering Your T-Shirt Blanket

Easy as 1-2-3

Pay for your item by adding to cart and purchasing on the website. You will receive a confirmation email with your order number and exact instructions for where to ship the materials. 

Please include this order number when shipping us your materials. If you would like to include design instructions for how to use the materials, please include that with the garments, otherwise our designers will make beautiful choices for you.

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