The Fabrics of Life – Memory Bunny

The Memory Bunny is one of our most sentimental products. Just like our other merchandise, we encourage our customers to offer creative ideas on clothing and embroidery etc. This plush floppy eared bunny can be made from a wide range of clothing items such as baby blankets and t-shirts. 

We can even add novelties such as a hidden pocket on the back of the Memory Bunny. Embroidery options are almost endless and include such stitching as names, initials, or phrases. The dimensions of the Memory Bunny are approx. 15 inches head to toe, and 10 inches when sitting.

Memory Bunny for Life’s Special Moments 

Being a Parent
The birth of a child can be one of life’s biggest gifts for parents. For new parents, this is the most special time of all. A time they cherish and never want to forget. To catalog this time, parents take countless pictures, record hours of videos, and fill out remembrance books. Often physical objects such as clothes and baby blankets are either boxed away, used as a hand-me-down, or sold in the summer yard sale. 

The Fabrics of Life Memory Bunny is a great way to hold onto the physical past and remember those precious moments. Take their favorite baby blanket or other items of clothing and turn them into a Memory Bunny. 

Coping with Loss of a Loved One
The loss of a loved one can be one of life’s biggest challenges. It is an unavoidable fact we all must go through. Whether it is a parent, a friend, or even a child, we’ve had to experience this heartache and grief. Letting go of the people we love can be very difficult. 

The Fabrics of Life’s Memory Bunny gives us a way to keep a little of the loved one we’ve lost by using their clothing or other material to create a Memory Bunny. 

The Fabrics of Life – Product Line
The Fabrics of Life designs and creates a wide array of sentimental products for our customers. These products include:

  • Memory Bear
  • Memory Bunny
  • Memory Pillow
  • T-Shirt Blanket
  • Memory Shawl with Fleece Backing
  • DIY Bear Kit
  • Seasonal and Stock Pillow
  • Seasonal and Stock Reversible Shawl
  • Seasonal and Stock Ornament 


Ordering Your Memory Bunny

Easy as 1-2-3

Pay for your item by adding to cart and purchasing on the website. You will receive a confirmation email with your order number and exact instructions for where to ship the materials. 

Please include this order number when shipping us your materials. If you would like to include design instructions for how to use the materials, please include that with the garments, otherwise our designers will make beautiful choices for you.

Then you will receive the completed item 2-4 weeks after we receive the materials.

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