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Why Choose The Fabrics of Life​

Sometimes just the sight of a favorite fabric can trigger a treasured memory - of a special person, time, and place. Capture those memories by transforming pieces of a loved one's past into Memory Bears, Pillows, Quilts, Shawls and Ornaments.

We are a team of apparel experts with over 90 years of combined experience creating products for companies such as Gerber Childrenswear, Third Generation, Oxford Industries, Marena Group, Sample Specialist, Lands' End, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean, Prodoh, Middy N Me, Sundial Clothing, Pittypat's Clothing Co, Draper James, and many others.

We are now using our expertise to create custom products from your or a loved one's clothing. These custom products are designed with love and care. We know and understand that these garments are priceless. The design team at The Fabrics of Life will take great care in turning your garments into memories that will last a lifetime. Guaranteed.

Why Choose The Fabrics of Life​

Every Phase of Life Captured in a Favorite Fabric

Babies Memories


Old baby clothes and blankets turned into a memory bear or shawl makes the perfect keepsake to remember a little one

Teenager Memories


Use once-worn t shirts, team jerseys or a graduation gown to create a quilt that they can cherish forever

Military Memories


Honor them with a memory pillow or bear, great for kids when a parent or loved one is serving

Bereavement Memories


Keep their memory alive by turning favorite clothing items into a memory bear or pillow

Turning pieces of the past into carefully handcrafted keepsakes for life.

It began with the passing of a friend's father and a special request. The father had a favorite shirt that he always wore, and instead of giving away that special piece of clothing and all the memories that went with it, we were asked to capture them by making a "memory pillow" out of some of his clothing. It was a beginning with no end, as requests came in for us to create more keepsakes from the well-remembered fabrics of a loved one's life.

These items brought such joy and comfort to those who received them, and it became our heartfelt mission to transform pieces of the past into meticulously handcrafted keepsakes for life - ensuring that your memory is seen and felt in every stitch.

We know it's impossible to hold a memory in your hands, so we make it possible to hold a treasured keepsake close to your heart forever.

Turning pieces of the past into carefully handcrafted keepsakes for life.

Unique and Seasonal Items

We are now using our expertise to create custom products
made from yours or a loved one’s clothing.

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